Three World Star Hip Hop Videos That Involved Murder

World star hip hop is an aggregate site that hosts music videos of up and coming independent rapper bands, some brawling, and even playful pranks. Okay, so maybe some of these pranks go wrong.  But could some of these videos involve murder? The answer is yes.

Chapter 1: Bad Date

In the quant idyllic town of Chicago Illinois, 18 year old Orlando Perez and 37 year old Selena Reyes-Hernandez were walking to Selena’s house to conclude a morning date.

The details of their meetup remain scarce, did Orlando approach Selena to take her out for a playful exchange of breakfast meats, or was Orlando courting Selena for some Netflix and Chill?

But before things never got hot and heavy between the couple, because Orlando had unearthed what he deemed to be a startling characteristic about Selena that he didn’t like: she was a transgender woman; we can only speculate the context of that exchange, but we can assume it was a heated one because security footage shows Orlando had left Selena’s apartment abruptly.

Orlando was so unhappy with the date, he went home and grabbed a 9mm gun and retreated back to Selena’s apartment and shot her. He began heading away from the scene of the crime seemingly content with his action, but Orlando didn’t feel like Selena was dead enough — so he returned to the scene of the crime and shot Selena even more times.

Police said that Orlando had confessed to the murder. According to Chicago CBS local, Orlando “kept seeing her face, and it kept bothering him, and he was mad as hell.” Chief Brendan Deenihan told the press, “He left the residence, became more upset, and that’s when he came back to the residence.”

The security camera footage indicated in the World Star Hip Hop video Cameras identified the exact clothing that matched video taken earlier on Selena’s phone. Police used it to find Orlando at his South Side home. The cops also recovered a magazine — no, not that kind of magazine — the magazine to the 9mm gun he used for murder. Also according to Chicago CBS local, there were about 37 locations where private cameras were being used, so the policy had access to about 25 videos they could use.

Talk about great security!

We couldn’t find details on exactly how the high school kid wound up on a date with an adult woman who was more than double his age, but we can make a bold assumption it was on some sort of dating platform.

Orlando had since been charged with first degree murder and the judge denied him bail, deeming him a risk. It can be a safe assumption he will convicted of the murder where he’ll be in the company of many different men.

Our next installment is a dark one, literally a dark one, because most of the video winds up recording in on the floor of a car. In a Facebook Live video, nineteen year old Jeremiah Dickey was rapping along with his favorite artist Bizzy Banks. Dickey stops briefly to look around, when suddenly somebody comes by the passenger side of his car and shoots him five times. In a bizarre coincidence, a part of Banks’ song “30” read the lyrics “Head Shots cause a whole lot of damage.” The video does wind up in the total dark as I mentioned earlier, with the exception of the World Star Hip Hop logo watermarked later on.  Eerily, other Facebook users remark on Dickey’s sudden disappearance after a flurry of gunshot sounds. “WTF Just happened?” asks one curious follower.

According to New York CBS Local, the officers discovered Jeremiah apparently unconscious and unresponsive after he got was shot in the head. Fear not though, because the article also reports the police have leads on the killer:

  1. In his 20s
  2. A blue coat
  3. Light blue jeans

In the final video which had been posted on World Star Hip Hop and NY Daily News, two masked bandits jumped out of a Jeep with pistols in theirs hands. The bandits, wearing black hoodies and pants, abandon the Jeep and leave the frame for a moment. Then shortly run back into the frame and peel away in their jeep.

According to the NY Daily News, those men opened fire on a 51 year old man who was seen socializing in a parking lot. We don’t know much about this incident, such as any suspect names, or the name of the victim himself.

So there you have it. Founded in 2005, World StarHipHop is video blog site and as of today’s writing, has an average of 1.2 million visitors a day. The site has caused some controversy, as some people were very upset at was perceived to be stereotypical of the culture and its constant curating of violent content. A page had been created requesting the site be taken down, but it only amassed a 98 votes. The late Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat did remark on that petition, to paraphrase:

  • It’s a sad world we live in but it’s not just WSHH.
  • There are worst clips on Facebook and Youtube being being posted
  •  The media allows it to air on TV.

Lee made some good points, particularly since the above mentioned WSHH deaths were pulled from mainstream media outlets and Facebook.  Others are mostly in agreement that the world is a scary place, and that simply ignoring the ugly sides of it won’t make all the issues disappear.

All this stuff about censorship reminds me; as of the time of this writing I’ve discovered two gay men playing a game called “Dildo or penis” in a Youtube video that has garnered more than 4 million views (for clarity, a man keeps inserting things in his boyfriend’s butt while his significant other guesses if it’s his wiener or not), which is perfectly fine but I think outlining particular standards for decency should be in order if we’re petitioning the removal of content off the internet.

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